Raseborg’s next four years

A post in English about the coming local election in Raseborg, since I know there are quite many people living in Raseborg that do not use swedish or finnish as their everyday language.

The next four-year term in Raseborg we will face many challenges. The last four years we have worked in the local politics with the municipality’s economy, to change the negative budget trend. Since 2008 the economy has not only been an issue for global or national politics, the economic turbulence has also been affecting our local community. We have lost tax revenue and there has been cuts in the state funding to the municipalities. Even though we have made many decisions to save money in Raseborg, we have had many years of negative economic results.

The trend seems to be possible to break and last year’s efforts to change seems to give results. We have made budget cuts, decided about moving units together and we try to save money by selling buildings we do not need. We have started a process towards an organizational reform in the municipality.

There has of course been a lot of discussion of whether this means that we has to close or move healthcare-, elderlyservice- or school units. The last four years we have made several such decisions, and there is a trend that service will be more centralized in the future, even in Raseborg.

The following four years we will be challenged with the healthcare and social service reform that the government is planning right now. The reform and change is planned to start around 2018-2019. The government wants to form regional governing agencies or corporations, that will take care of all the health care and social service. This means that the next four years it is likely that half of Raseborgs budget and services (health care and social services) is going to be moved to a regional government. There is of course a lot of legislation that needs to be approved in the parliament first, before it is possible to create this new level of regional governments. Right now it looks like the reform will happen. In this process it will be very important that our local politicians are awake and takes part in the process how this new regional organization is formed. This is important, since it is our basic health care units and social services that are going to be moved to this new governing organization.

In addition to this, the emergency services are also included in this reform. This means that the fire brigades and ambulance services are also going to be regionalized. They are organized in a regional way right now too, but in this reform the regions are going to be larger. For us the new region is Uusimaa.

There will be regional elections held in 2019 at the same time as the presidential election, if everything goes as the government plans. Then it is of course important for Raseborg to have good candidates for this new regional council. But before that, we have the local election in april 2017 here in Raseborg.

Now, there is of course other things that are important in the municipality than just the coming health care and social services reform. We want to work for good child care services, good schools with a safe environment. We should emphasize a family-friendly municipality. The third sector, such as associations and churches, are important for many services in Raseborg, and the municipality should actively continue the good cooperation with the third sector.

The facilities for sports and well-being in Raseborg are quite good. Skiing, skating, swimming, cycling, outdoors, soccer, icehockey and other possibilities for hobby are important for both young and old. As a municipality, we need to continue to contribute to that these possibilities would be open to as many as possible. In this case, the municipality has good cooperation with many associations, and should continue with this. When it comes to cycling, Raseborg should be more proactive to promote good cycling pavement in road-planning in the municipality.

For the stability and growth of our economy, we need to work for a good community where people wants to live. Raseborg is a beautiful place to live and has many advantages compared to the hectic Helsinki-region. If we can continue to keep Raseborg a good place to live, we could have more people moving in. There is room for a lot more of us in Raseborg.

The second thing that is important for our economy is that our businesses can work and grow in Raseborg. We need to be open for new investments, but it is also important to continue the dialogue with the local entrepreneur’s association and local businessmen. We need to see that for example the planning of where to build is supporting our local businesses. When our local business are successful, they will provide local jobs and contributes to our local economy.

Even though the coming election in april is a local election, it is a very important one. The local council that is elected will have a great impact on our local community. The next four years will be very important due to the negotiations that needs to be done in the regional reform that the government plans.

Feel free to contact me if there is any certain issue that you feel that needs to be fixed in our hometown Raseborg the next four years! There is a lot going on, and the best way to be able to work in politics is to get feedback from the daily life in our town, what works and what needs to be fixed. Remember to vote in April 9th.



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